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Kaplan's AuditNet® Net Resource List aka KARL is the most comprehensive list of Internet resources for auditors and accountants available on the Internet via email, ftp, newsgroups, Listserv, and the World Wide Web. In August 1994, Jim Kaplan, the Author of The Auditor's Guide to Internet Resources, began distributing the AuditNet Resource List to financial professionals around the world. Kaplan searches the Internet for audit related sites and visits each one before including it in KARL. Each site included in KARL provides a descriptive title of the site, the Internet address (URL) and a brief abstract describing the site. The primary audience for the resources is practicing auditors, accountants and financial professionals.

AuditNet® is the Global Resource for Auditors; if you are looking for Nadcap, MedAccred, or TPG, please instead visit

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