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August 2022


Welcome to the AuditNet® Newsletter published monthly, featuring internal audit related content and resources. Return every month to read the latest Audit News That's Fit to Print. Subscribers have unlimited downloads to hundreds of audit templates, programs, risk control matrices, questionnaires, checklists and guides. Go to the online version.

Jk Jim Kaplan CIA CFE and AuditNet® Founder

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Do your organization’s processes protect private information?

Privacy compliance is an increasing responsibility of internal audit, as more and more personal data is collected—and more and more regulation around how that data is handled is introduced. Various stakeholders such as boards, audit committees, or other oversight groups want assurance around the organization’s processes that protect private information.

This practice guide on Auditing Privacy Risks from The IIA provides practitioners with a foundation for meeting the complex and varied expectations that accompany privacy issues.

Download the Practice Guide 

Top 3

Top 3 Reasons that Auditors Visit AuditNet® (according to a recent survey)

  1. Finding audit programs
  2. Finding online training with CPE and,
  3. Researching best practices.

Join thousands of other auditors that subscribe or come to AuditNet® through a site license partner and you will have access to over 3,000 audit program templates and be eligible to earn CPE at no additional cost and find best practices from other audit departments!

Audit ProgramsAudit Template  

According to the 2019 AuditNet® User Survey, the main reason auditors visit AuditNet® is to find templates for audit. As a result we moved the current and upcoming audit template additions here for the benefit of users. The following audit templates were added and are now available to subscribers. Come to the site to download a list of all the templates. NOW hundreds of free audit templates - the largest inventory of audit program templates on the Internet! 

Template Additions This Month

  1. 2022 COSO ERM 2017 Governance and Culture - Pension, Bookkeeping and Monitoring
  2. 2022 COSO ERM 2017 Governance and Culture - Human Resource Staffing, Succession Planning
  3. 2022 COSO ERM 2017 Governance and Culture - Pension, Other Benefits, Rules and Regulations
  4. 2022 COSO ERM 2017 Governance and Culture - Product Development
  5. 2022 COSO ERM 2017 Governance and Culture - Human Resource Recruitment Policies and Requirements
  6. 2022 COSO ERM 2017 Governance and Culture - Product Development Objectives Plan
  7. 2022 COSO ERM 2017 Governance and Culture - Pricing, Discounts Policy and Market Trends
  8. 2022 COSO ERM 2017 Governance and Culture - Pricing and Discounts
  9. 2022 COSO ERM 2017 Governance and Culture - Human Resource Recruitment
  10. 2022 COSO ERM 2017 Governance and Culture - Pension, Other Benefits

To view the most recent additions to the templates click on 'Audit Templates' in the navigation panel and then click on 'Added'. You may also search using the 'Search Audit Programs' box.

AuditNet® has always made available a downloadable (Excel csv) list of templates which included the name, subscription level and date added. We have updated the functionality so that the list now includes a description of the templates, number of times that templates were downloaded and a URL direct link to the template. You must be logged in to your subscription or access from a site licensee secure login link in order to download the template from the URL. We added this functionality as a benefit to subscribers and site license users to facilitate downloading. Non subscribers will be blocked from downloading content and be redirected to subscribe. To download the CSV file click on the Audit Templates link on the navigation column, then click on Download a listing of Audit Programs

Survey: Help Us Prioritize Improvements to Audit Software!

We know Auditing is a complex job with many steps. As an experienced practitioner, we would appreciate your input in our "Jobs to be Done" survey. This survey will help us identify the important parts of your job that are not being well supported by existing software solutions. The results of this 10-15 minute survey will inform the development of new and enhanced software solutions to make your job easier and more impactful. Take the survey.

Ia TrainingWebinars1

2022 GRC Conference - Monday, August 22 - Wednesday, August 24: The IIA and ISACA are excited to present GRC Conference 2022! Join us in Orlando, Florida, or virtually and take advantage of opportunities to grow your network, expand your skillset, navigate challenges, explore solutions and position yourself to be a thought leader in the IS/IT field. Register now.

Workiva Amplify 2022 Conference - Monday, September 12 - Thursday, September 15: The Amplify conference is an annual multi-day event that brings together thousands of finance, accounting, ESG, and compliance professionals. Register here!

The Financial Services Exchange - Monday, September 19 - Tuesday, September 20: Be a part of the conversation with industry leaders, policymakers, and regulators to discuss leading-edge solutions to the greatest challenges facing the financial services sector. Register now.

Featured Article This Month's Featured Articles

Get Ready for 2023 Privacy Regulations - To defend against the risk of identity theft and other cybercrimes, governments around the world and across the U.S. have passed laws to protect private data. Here is a quick outline of changes in the privacy laws for several states in 2023. Learn more.

OnRisk 2022 Tool: Data Privacy - Examine how organizations protect sensitive data in their care and ensure compliance to all applicable laws and regulations. Find out more.

How to Create Guiding Principles for Your Internal Auditing Team - Rick Wright shares examples of 8 guiding principles for internal audit, which are the codification of what you believe and value as a team, and how you are expected to behave as you execute on strategies. Keep reading.

Assess Your Organization's Data Analytics Capabilities - Master fundamental competencies in 9 key areas with The IIA’s New Data Analytics & Literacy Certificate Program and demonstrate the ability to effectively assess an organization's data governance and management practices. Learn more.

​A Matter of Privacy - Internal auditors play a significant role in assessing data privacy governance within their organizations. This article looks at the challenges impacting European internal auditors, like how regulations like GDPR address issues with protecting personal data. Read more.

Cybersecurity, Privacy, Data and Regulatory Compliance Rank as Top IT Audit Risks - A new survey conducted by Protiviti and ISACA found that cybersecurity is the chief risk for IT audit departments. See what else made the top ten. Read more.

Audit Talks The AuditTalks Discussion Powered by AuditNet® - The AuditTalks Forum powered by AuditNet® was created to help auditors (both current and future) globally to connect, share and collaborate. AuditNet® was established on the principle of progress through sharing and this forum is the 21st Century vehicle for online connections. This Forum is COVID Free, and we welcome the global audit community to post questions, share best practices and ideas to help others. If you are career auditor, we encourage you to mentor new auditors by contributing to this tool. Sign up for a free AuditNet® subscription and join AuditTalks today!

Subscription Benefits Benefits for Subscribers? AuditNet® subscribers can choose from hundreds of templates (audit programs, matrices, checklists, e-books and more) available for download. The templates are meant to be idea generators that help jump start your audit project. Click here to subscribe!

Workiva Workiva Inc. (NYSE:WK) is on a mission to power transparent reporting for a better world. We build and deliver the world’s leading regulatory, financial, and ESG reporting solutions to meet stakeholder demands for action, transparency, and disclosure of financial and non-financial data. Our cloud-based platform simplifies the most complex reporting and disclosure challenges by streamlining processes, connecting data and teams, and ensuring consistency. Learn more at

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