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December 2021

Logo 102x45 SansArbutus delivers the very best in purpose-built audit analytics technology to meet the exacting demands of today’s auditors, business analysts, and fraud investigators. Thousands of active users in over 50 countries rely on Arbutus to enhance their testing, analysis and compliance capabilities. Find out why many of the world’s leading organizations have made the switch to Arbutus Analytics technology.

Idea2019 CaseWare IDEA - Data Analysis Software, is the standard in ease of use for auditors, accountants and financial managers.

WorkivaWorkiva, provider of the world’s leading connected reporting and compliance platform, is used by thousands of enterprises across 180 countries, including more than 75 percent of Fortune 500® companies, and by government agencies. Our customers have linked over five billion data elements to trust their data, reduce risk, and save time. For more information about Workiva (NYSE:WK), please visit


Welcome to the AuditNet® Newsletter published  monthly, featuring internal audit related content and resources. Return every month to read the latest Audit News That's Fit to Print. The current newsletter theme will be displayed at the top of the newsletter and you will find articles and information related to that theme. Subscribers have unlimited downloads to over 3,400 audit templates, programs, risk control matrices, questionnaires, checklists and guides. The Training section provides information about our upcoming live and SimLive Webinars with CPE at  no cost to subscribers and site license users. There is also a link to cRisk Academy providing video-on-demand (VOD) training with CPE, discounted for subscribers and site license users. 

 MykonosLast Month - Mykonos, Greece

Witwjk Where in the World is Jim Kaplan?  One of my passions besides audit work programs and technology training is travel, both domestic and international. COVID has impacted all of us in many ways including restricting our work and leisure travel. Each month I will post a picture of myself from my pre-COVID travels and your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to identify my location. The first auditor who correctly identifies the location will receive a free one year subscription to AuditNet. Others who correctly identify the location will receive a 7 day subscription. Send your response to

Jk Jim Kaplan CIA CFE and AuditNet® Founder

Calendar Themes( Editorial Calendar )

Topic  Fraud and Corruption

Internal audit and compliance have a key role to play in helping to manage and assess risk as cloud services evolve, especially for third-party compliance.

We started our research on this month's topic by Googling (yes that is a verb) 'Auditing Fraud and Corruption'. You can easily do the same substituting terms relating to the topic to other specific issues to further customize the results. Over the past 25+ years we have developed an expertise in finding relevant information for auditors. These links are provided to add to your knowledge bases on the theme of this month's newsletter. Here is our query with the links to hundreds or resources to help design your audit plan:

Data Analytics for Internal Auditors


Since the spread of IT systems has made it a prerequisite that auditors as well as management have the ability to examine high volumes of data and transaction in order to determine patterns and trends. In addition, the increasing need to continuously monitor and audit IT systems has created an imperative for the effective use of appropriate data mining tools.

While a variety of powerful tools are readily available today, the skills required to utilize such tools are not. Not only must the correct testing techniques be selected but the effective interpretation of outcomes presented by the software is essential in the drawing of appropriate conclusions based on the data analysis. This 6 webinar series, based on Richard Cascarino’s book “Data Analytics for Internal Auditors” covers these skills and techniques.

Purchase the series of 6 Webinars on an AuditNet® flash drive. Watch and learn at your own time and pace!

To Purchase the Data Analytics on a Flash Drive add your mailing address and click on the button below to pay. (US only). If non-US contact us for mailing costs.  

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Top 3Top 3 Reasons that Auditors Visit AuditNet® (according to a recent survey)

  1. Finding audit programs
  2. Finding online training with CPE and,
  3. Researching best practices.

Join thousands of other auditors that subscribe or come to AuditNet® through a site license partner and you will have access to over 3,000 audit program templates and be eligible to earn CPE at no additional cost and find best practices from other audit departments! Audit ProgramsAudit Template According to the 2019 AuditNet® User Survey, the main reason auditors visit AuditNet® is to find templates for audit. As a result we moved the current and upcoming audit template additions here for the benefit of users. The following audit templates were added and are now available to subscribers and site license users. Availability based on subscription level. Come to our   site to download a list of all the templates.  (*e-book Monograph Series). NOW OVER 3,200 audit templates - the largest inventory of audit program templates on the Internet! 

The AuditNet® site has always made available a downloadable (Excel csv) list of templates which included the name, subscription level and date added. We have updated the functionality so that the list now includes a description of the templates, number of times that templates were downloaded and a URL direct link to the template. You must be logged in to your subscription or access from a site licensee secure login link in order to download the template from the URL. We added this functionality as a benefit to subscribers and site license users to facilitate downloading. Non subscribers will be blocked from downloading content and be redirected to subscribe. To download the CSV file click on the Audit Templates link on the navigation column, Then click on Download a listing of Audit Programs

To view the most recent additions to the templates click on 'Audit Templates' in the navigation panel and then click on 'Added'. You may also search using the 'Search Audit Programs' box.

Template Additions This Month

  1. Fraud Risk Management Audit Program
  2. Fraud Risk Management Risk Control Self Assessment
  3. Strategic Planning Audit Program
  4. Tax Reporting Process Flow
  5. Trade Risk Control Self Assessment
  6. Treasury Risk Control Self Assessment
  7. Utility Bills Payment Process Flow
  8. Vendor Payments Process Flow
  9. Western Union Procedures Risk Control Matrix
  10. Wealth Management Audit Program

December 2021 Training  Live, Simulated Live (SimLive) and VOD 

Clock TickingEarn 8 hours in December!

AuditNet® and cRisk Academy are pleased to announce an extended partnership. The partnership brings you, the AuditNet® subscriber and site licensee users (ACL, Arbutus, CaseWare IDEA, KnowledgeLeader, SAP, TeamMate, and Workiva), free access to cRisk Webinars. This is a complimentary benefit to you, in addition to all the benefits you currently enjoy.   (Note: you must be logged into AuditNet as a subscriber or if you access via a site license you must follow the link from your site licensee to login to AuditNet) If you belong to an audit association or are a vendor or service provider and want to provide your members or clients with transparent access to AuditNet® then please contact us for more information about licensing.

CPE - AuditNet® offers CPE for our hosted live and simulated live Webinars. AuditNet® may charge to attend Webinars (rates subject to change). The fee will be waived for subscribers and site license users. Non subscribers and non site license users must pay to attend and will also earn CPE if eligible.  Subscribers benefit so subscribe today! 

CPE will be issued by cRisk Academy for the Webinars offered through cRisk Academy.

SimLive Webinars are previous high attendance Webinars which have been recorded. CPE for Sim Live Webinars are based on attendance only (no polling questions). You must attend the entire Webinar in order to be eligible for CPE.

Enhance Audit and Fraud Sampling Productivity (Simulated Live) December 6, 2021 2-4 PM (2 CPE) - Cost $50 (Fee waived for subscribers and site license users) Auditors have an inherent need to select samples of a population. This session will explain selection techniques of sample items which may be based on 100% testing of data tests or a statistical sample. All popular audit sample approaches will be discussed along with a discussion of when each may best be used, including: Record Samples (Random, Fixed Interval), Monetary Unit Samples, and Stratified Samples. Finally an exploration into transaction and subset scoring will be utilized to get to the best selections possible. Register Now!

Top 10 Analytic Tests to Find PCard _ Travel Cost Frauds and Misuse (Simulated Live) December 13 2021 2-4 PM (2 CPE) - Cost $50 (Fee waived for subscribers) Travel & Entertainment ("T&E") fraud has always been an easy way for employees to pocket cash and with the proliferation of procurement cards; it has become easier than ever for merchants to get in on the action. Aside from the fraud potential, travel and entertainment spend can be reviewed for efficiencies in vendor usage or simply to curtail employee actions that can add considerable costs of misuse to the company.  Register Now!

Top 10 Analytic Tests to Find Procure to Pay Frauds and Errors (Simulated Live) December 20, 2021 2-4 PM (2 CPE) - Cost $50 (Fee waived for subscribers and site license users)  Procure to payment is still the #1 area for frauds (in volume) affecting all organizations and errors are not far behind. Given the random nature of the area in the types and size of payments, the need for “rush” activity and the nature of human errors, P2P continues to lead the pack in risk of failure. However, with performance measure analytics placed in key process points, the exposure risk can be minimized while developing an aura of fraud and error deterrence. Register Now!

Ethics for Internal Auditors (Simulated Live) December 27, 2021 1-3 PM (2 CPE) Cost $75 (Fee waived for subscribers only). From time-to-time internal auditors are faced with situations which call for them to make an ethical decision. In addition, they may, in the middle of auditing, come across circumstances which themselves appear to be violations of a corporate code-of-conduct. If you have not met the Ethics training requirement for IIA certifications this is your last chance! Register Now!

Featured Articles

Featured ArticleThis Month's Featured Articles

Audit TalksThe AuditTalks Discussion Powered by AuditNet®

The AuditTalks Forum powered by AuditNet® was created to help auditors (both current and future) globally to connect, share and collaborate. AuditNet® was established on the principle of progress through sharing and this forum is the 21st Century vehicle for online connections. This Forum is COVID Free, and we welcome the global audit community to post questions, share best practices and ideas to help others. If you are career auditor, we encourage you to mentor new auditors by contributing to this tool. Sign up for a free AuditNet® subscription and join AuditTalks today!

Survey Results AuditNet Survey - Internal Audit and Covid-19 - This survey addresses internal audit preparedness for continuing operations during a pandemic and assessing risk for business continuity. The survey results from 463 respondents showed that internal audit was well positioned to address issues arising from the global pandemic. Auditors could continue their work from remote locations and took precautions to safeguard staff from the impact of Covid-19.  Click here to view the survey results.

Ia TrainingWebinars1

 2022 Webinar Recordings and Series 

We are planning our AuditNet® Webinar offerings for 2022. We will continue to feature high quality presenters on technology and skills topics. Who says you have to make a drive and give up a day in the office to receive quality training on audit hot-topics? Our courses will hit topics hard and bring you up to speed as you begin your 2022 training. Check back for our Webinar offerings with CPE for subscribers. Missed the live sessions? Connect with our partner site  cRisk Academy to discounted subscriptions for on demand courses with CPE (fee based). 

Watch for updates on the dates and registration links! 

  Jason MedfordC Risk Logo     The #1 on-demand and webinar training platform for internal auditors. Technical and soft-skills to help you succeed in your career.  - View a large library of on-demand training, that is significantly discounted over what you would normally invest in a live, in-person training. You still have the same material, but can now watch it when, and where you desire . Any Time, Any Where, on Any Device!

Check out the full schedule of on-demand training available!

AuditNet® Training Plan - Get access to all of the AuditNet® content on cRisk Academy for one low price

Data Analytics for Internal Auditors

Data Analytics for Internal Auditors on a Flash Drive - 6 webinar series

Since the spread of IT systems has made it a prerequisite that auditors as well as management have the ability to examine high volumes of data and transaction in order to determine patterns and trends. In addition, the increasing need to continuously monitor and audit IT systems has created an imperative for the effective use of appropriate data mining tools.

While a variety of powerful tools are readily available today, the skills required to utilize such tools are not. Not only must the correct testing techniques be selected but the effective interpretation of outcomes presented by the software is essential in the drawing of appropriate conclusions based on the data analysis. This 6 webinar series, based on Richard Cascarino’s book “Data Analytics for Internal Auditors” covers these skills and techniques.

Cyber Sec1Fd Templates   Did you miss the AuditNet® Data Analytics for Internal Auditors or the Cybersecurity Webinar Series?  Richard Cascarino conducted a series of 6 Webinars on Data Analytics for Internal Auditors and a 10 Webinars last year on Cybersecurity for AuditNet®. If you weren't able to attend we now offer the complete series of recordings and slides on a flash drive.   Here is the information on this series of recorded webinars and the pricing

Subscription Benefits Benefits for Subscribers? AuditNet® subscribers  can choose from over 3,500 templates (audit programs, matrices, checklists, e-books and more) available for download. The templates are meant to be idea generators that help jump start your audit project. But that's not all! Subscribers (all but free) and site license users can register and attend AuditNet® Webinars and receive CPE at no additional cost.  


The 2022 schedule will be released soon with Webinar series on Leveraging Technology, simulated live training, new templates and more.


AuditNet® offers recorded Webinars through CPDFormula for Canadian accountants and auditors and, the online platform of Global Artificer an accredited Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Provider in the Philippines.'s platform helps Filipino Professionals improve and promote their proficiency and expertise through online learning delivered by professionals who have mastered their profession.

AuditNet® continues it's commitment to providing resources for the global audit community!

Check out the Webinars available from  cRisk Academy for on demand viewing with CPE: (Recordings available with CPE from cRisk Academy only $9/month for AuditNet® subscribers)

 Fd Webinars AuditNet® added new series to the growing list of training available any where, any place and any time. Check out the IT Fraud and Internal Audit Basics recordings available on a flash drive or for download via Google Drive.  

Available Webinars on a Flash Drive or Downloadable from Google Drive (including  Key Word Analytics)
  1. Auditing with Excel
  2. Auditing with ACL
  3. Cybersecurity for Auditors
  4. CISA Exam Preparation (coming soon)
  5. Data Analytics for Internal Auditors 
  6. IDEA Audit Software (12 recordings)
  7. Implementing and Auditing GDPR (10 Recordings) 
  8. Internal Audit Basics 8 Recording) 
  9. IT Audit (Basic and Advanced (10 recordings)
  10. IT Fraud (2017 Series 8 recordings
  11. Minutes to Analytics 
  12. Qualification in Internal Audit Leadership Training (Coming soon)

Can't make our live Webinars? Then here an option to watch out previously recorded webinars and earn CPE. We are making all our Webinars available on-demand with CPE from  cRisk Academy. You can view the recorded Webinars for only $9/month for AuditNet® Subscribers (Basic, Premium and Site License Users). $59/month for non-subscribers. Subscribers pay $600 less annually! cRisk Academy subscriptions provide on video on demand with CPE for all of our recorded Webinars for one low monthly fee (not per Webinar). 

FreecpeSUBSCRIBERS BENEFIT! AuditNet® current paid subscribers and enterprise site license users enjoy the benefit of registering and attending AuditNet® featured live and simulated live (recorded) Webinars without paying an event fee (does not apply to no cost or trial subscriptions). Those who attend will earn CPE. The bottom line is that subscribers have the ability to download AuditNet® content AND earn CPE by attending our AuditNet® featured Webinars! Attendance at our featured Webinars will be limited to the first 1,000 AuditNet registered subscribers  and site license user attendees logging in so it is important to register for the events and then log in early on the scheduled day. Due to the limitation on Webinar seats non-subscribers can register and attend the Webinars but must opt-in for our mailing list. Non subscribers or non site license users who attend and want CPE must meet our eligibility criteria and pay a processing fee for CPE. Non-subscribers or non site license users who chose to opt-out will not be approved to attend and their registration link will be revoked. AuditNet® reserves the right to deny any user attendance to the webinars if they opt out of our mailing list. The CPE, registration, and attendance policy is subject to change at our discretion.

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