Audit News

Survey Opportunity: Generative Artificial Intelligence Usage

Published November 03, 2023 17:43

Over the past year, several generative artificial intelligence (gen AI) models were released. With the use of gen AI rapidly gaining popularity both personally and professionally, AuditNet invites you to participate in this brief survey to gain insight into how auditors and audit departments are leveraging gen AI in their processes. Take the survey.


IIA Cyber Resource Center

Published March 29, 2023 21:34

Explore the IIA’s cybersecurity resource center featuring guides, research, upcoming conferences and webinars, and more to help you navigate cybersecurity risks and learn how you can manage it in your plans. Browse resources here.


Deloitte Insights: Zero Trust Security Framework

Published March 29, 2023 00:00

A zero trust cybersecurity posture provides the opportunity to create a more robust and resilient security, simplify security management, improve end-user experience, and enable modern IT practices. Learn more in this article from Deloitte.


Internal Control Amid Modern Cybersecurity Threats

Published March 29, 2023 00:00

Cybersecurity is an essential concern for audit and compliance professionals, but how it threatens internal control and SOX compliance is sometimes less clear. Check out this webinar on demand to understand the capabilities a company must have to ensure it can keep cybersecurity risks in check. Watch here.


ESG Risk Readiness: The Intersection of ESG & GRC

Published February 27, 2023 17:10

As ESG becomes auditable, there is significant overlap with the GRC side of the house. Check out this webinar on demand to determine how to align efforts effectively to identify and understand ESG risks to your organization. Learn more here.


How to Incorporate ESG into Your ERM Programs

Published February 27, 2023 17:09

Tune into the Risk Management Show podcast featuring guest Grant Ostler, Industry Principal at Workiva, to learn where and how organizations should start incorporating ESG into their ERM program and potential ESG-related risks that organizations should consider. Listen to the full episode here.


Applying ERM to ESG

Published February 27, 2023 17:08

By using an enterprise risk management (ERM) program to create a systematic and holistic approach to managing ESG risks, risk professionals can support their organization’s ESG program. Check out this article to get practical steps on how to integrate and manage ESG risks. Learn more.




What SOX Can Teach Us About ESG

Published January 31, 2023 17:04

As ESG regulations continue to evolve, you may be wondering how to approach the mapping, tracking, validating, and reporting. As you start to prepare, there are a lot of lessons that can be applied from SOX to ESG. Get advice on how to apply lessons learned from SOX in this article. Learn more.