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AuditNet® Audit-library::Computer-assisted-audit-tools-and-techniques-caatt

The true power of the Internet relies on sharing information and knowledge. In keeping with this power, the new credo for AuditNet® is ASK for Progress or Auditors Sharing Knowledge for Progress . Auditors are increasing their use of computer assisted audit tools and techniques.  This section of AuditNet® provides information and links to resources that will help new and seasoned auditors explore electronic solutions for audit and share experiences and knowledge with each other.

AuditNet Bookstore featuring 101 ACL Applications: A Toolkit for Today's Auditor, Payables Test Set for ACL, Payables Test Set for IDEA.

For those evaluating audit department software complete this Comparison Chart for Department Requirements   to help with your requirements and to make your decision. Here is a free tool for comparing data analytic audit software. 

Using ActiveData for Excel: A video library of 14 of ActiveData's most powerful features


Quickly analyze your data

Save time manipulating data within your worksheets

Perform powerful audit and fraud detection techniques

Manage your Excel workbooks and worksheets efficiently

Training Materials

ACL Resources

Virginia ACL User Group

IDEA Resources


CAATTs Training and Guides

Audit Techniques for Electronic Records from the I.R.S.

Principles of Computer Assisted Audit Techniques - an AuditNet® Monograph Series Guide  in cooperation with INTOSAI.

Computer Assisted Audit Techniques Guide to Downloading Data an AuditNet® Monograph Series Guide in cooperation with INTOSAI

Guidelines for Requesting Data from Computer Systems

Sample Data Request Letter perhaps the hardest part of using data extraction software is getting the data. Here is a sample letter from an AuditNet® user with tips on requesting data.

CAATTs Articles and Papers

Computer Assisted Audit Techniques Part 1

Computer Assisted Audit Techniques Part 2

Auditing Online Computer Systems

Benford's Law for Business Planning

Computer Assisted Audit Techniques

Frequently Avoided Questions About Computer Auditing from ISect Ltd

Practical Software Tools for Internal Controls

Preventing Errors and Fraud in Spreadsheets

Top Three Considerations When Automating Your Internal Control and Audit Activities

Transforming Microsoft Excel Into an Audit and Cash Recovery Engine

CAATTS Books and Other Publications

CAATTs Miscellaneous Resources

AuditTools Web site that promote the knowledge and use of computer assisted audit techniques & tools in the audit process.

CAATTs Software Vendors and Consultants

ACL - Data extraction and analysis software

Audimation -  the North American business partner for Caseware-IDEA provides software, training and support. 

TeamMate - electronic work paper package that has revolutionized the audit documentation process.

IDEA - Data extraction and analysis software

Professional Associations

The Institute of Internal Auditors 

ISACA The Information Systems Audit and Control Association bookstore includes a number of publications on Computer Assisted Audit Tools and Techniques.