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Security and Monitoring (Police Department) 

02-29-2024 07:29 PM


  1. Policies and Procedures related to the administration of the Police Department and its various services have been developed and implemented.
  2. Administration and management of the police services provide an effective internal control environment, clear lines of organizational authority and responsibility. Hiring, certification, and training of Police Department employees is in accordance with district policies and Standards, and State regulations.
  3. Security and retention of department records are adequate.
  4. Staffing and scheduling provide appropriate coverage and effective use of overtime.
  5. Citizen complaints and internal investigations are handled in compliance with state standards and district policies.
  6. Weapons are appropriately authorized, and weapons and ammunition are properly handled, accounted for and safeguarded.
  7. The district has developed policies and procedures for Emergency Operations
  8. Ensure that adequate provisions for a command structure have been planned in the event of an emergency or disaster
  9. District emergency plans have been communicated to staff and procedures have been tested
  10. District campuses and facilities have been assessed for security and safety of students and staff by: Assessing the grounds and access to the buildings
  11. Installed cameras with effective sight lines.
  12. Installed and maintained the alarm system.
  13. Maintaining fire extinguishers.
  14. Maintaining AED defibrillators.
  15. Maintaining ID Badge system and limited access.


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