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AuditNet® Training

AuditNet® 2021 Training Live and Recorded Webinars

AuditNet® provides auditors with multiple training options including live training via Webinars, videos on demand, videos on flash drive and more. For videos on demand with CPE visit our partner cRisk Academy

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AuditNet® Training on the Go

AuditNet® IT audit, IDEA and Data Analytic training Option Available on Flashdrive for the Mobile Auditor 

For a limited time if you order any of our audit training on a flash drive (Minutes to Analytics, IT Audit Training, IDEA Audit Training) and you will receive Data Mining for Payroll Fraud on DVD at no extra charge. This is a limited time offer and is limited to the first 75 orders placed. Add a Premium Subscription to any Training on the Go Flash Drives for only $100!

Cyber-Security for Internal Auditors
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AuditNet® CPE Credit Policy

AuditNet® 2021 Training Schedule 

The AuditNet® 2021 training schedule is now available and classes are opening for registration. Webinar registration will now be open to all with conditions. Attendance is limited to the first 1,000 with first preference to subscribers and site license users. We will require proof that attendees are eligible through AuditNet registration or site license criteria.

Feedback from attendees:

Thank you for providing this wonderful resource for auditors. I can’t completely express what a lifesaving service it is to have these webinars.

Following are the current Webinars available for registration: 

August - October 2021 Training  Live, Simulated Live (SimLive) and VOD 

Earn 25 hours of CPE for the months of August, September and October.

AuditNet® and cRisk Academy are pleased to announce an extended partnership. The partnership brings you, the AuditNet® subscriber and site licensee users (ACL, Arbutus, CaseWare IDEA, KnowledgeLeader, SAP, TeamMate, and Workiva), free access to cRisk Webinars. This is a complimentary benefit to you, in addition to all the benefits you currently enjoy.   (Note: you must be logged into AuditNet as a subscriber or if you access via a site license you must follow the link from your site licensee to login to AuditNet) If you belong to an audit association or are a vendor or service provider and want to provide your members or clients with transparent access to AuditNet® then please contact us for more information about licensing.

CPE - AuditNet® offers CPE for our hosted live and simulated live Webinars. AuditNet® may charge to attend Webinars (rates subject to change). The fee will be waived for subscribers and site license users. Non subscribers and non site license users must pay to attend and will also earn CPE if eligible.  Subscribers benefit so subscribe today! 

CPE will be issued by cRisk Academy for the Webinars offered through cRisk Academy.

SimLive Webinars are previous high attendance Webinars which have been recorded. CPE for Sim Live Webinars are based on attendance only (no polling questions). You must attend the entire Webinar in order to be eligible for CPE.

Our Speakers


Non-subscribers and non-site license users must pay a fee for CPE. Please indicate which Webinar you are paying for CPE.

Non Subscriber and Processing Fees
You must indicate Webinar name

Slides will be available for download to all attendees in the control panel. All others may download the slides from   Email requests for slides will incur a processing fee.

AuditNet® Train ing on the  Go

Did you miss our Data Analytics Webinars? Not to worry - we have loaded the 2016 Minutes to Analytics Webinars on a flash drive including the recordings, data files, slides, and a player so you can watch the training at your convenience. The flash drive with all the recordings and files are available for purchase at $199. You can use these on your laptop when you travel, your desktop in your home or office or use them for training your staff. See the listing below of the Webinars on the drive with a link to pay. Unfortunately we cannot offer CPE for viewing these Webinars however at $199 is a great deal and of course the knowledge is "priceless"! Add a Premium Subscription to AuditNet for $100 if you purchase the Training on the Go Flash Drive. If you would like to earn CPE for these and other training go to cRisk Academy for our video training on demand (VOD).  

Webinar Training on the Go Flash Drive

  1. Turning Analytics From Nice to Have to Must Have
  2. Best Practices in Visualizing and Dash Boarding Data
  3. Enhance Audit and Fraud Sampling Productivity
  4. Top 10 Analytic Tests to Find P-Card and Travel Cost Frauds and Misuse
  5. Continuous Analytic Risk Management
  6. Moving Periodic Analytics to Continuous Tests
  7. Top 10 Analytic Tests to Find Procure to Pay Frauds and Errors
  8. Maximize Everything With Excel Pivot Tables
  9. Utilize Big Data Analytics Now
Training on the Go


IT Audit Training Basic and Advanced AuditNet® has joined forces with Richard Cascarino and Associates to bring you a structured learning curriculum for IT audit. The complete series offers ten 2 hour Webinars (five  Basic and five Advanced). The courses are designed to build on skills developed from prior knowledge or training. Auditors can choose between the complete series or pick and choose specific courses depending on both needs as well as budgetary financial constraints.

We also offer access to the recordings of all 10 webinars (No CPE). Click here for more info.



IDEA Software Training via Practical Application  - a series of twelve 2-hour webinars designed to build on skills developed from prior knowledge or training. Auditors can choose between the complete series or pick and choose specific course depending on both needs as well as budgetary financial constraints. Individual and Group Pricing is available

IDEA Recorded Training (no CPE) same training as above using recorded sessions.