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AuditNet® Audit-templates::Auditnet-template-audit-starter-kit-task-for-creating-audit-programs

Internal auditors utilize a systematic methodology for analyzing business processes, procedures and activities with the goal of highlighting organizational problems and recommending solutions. Planning is not only an important part of the audit process but is also required by professional standards. Organizations may differ in their planning methodologies, but the bottom line is that they must document the process.

Over the years I received many requests from auditors looking for audit work programs, internal control matrices, internal control questionnaires and checklists. My response to these questions is that they first need to determine the objectives, purpose and scope of the audit they are about to begin. With these basics’ auditors can begin to construct the audit procedures for an audit program that meets their needs. I felt that perhaps a guide to creating audit planning documents (audit programs, matrices, questionnaires and checklists) would be a useful tool for auditors. 

The AuditNet® Creating Audit Programs e-Book – A Guide to Developing Audit Procedures, Audit Programs, Questionnaires, Checklists and Control Matrices provides a methodology or framework for creating audit documentation as well as sample audit documentation including objectives for various areas, formats for audit programs, checklists and control matrices.

The TASK package includes the e-book and the AuditNet® Template workbook with the following worksheets to jumpstart preparing for your audit.

• Audit Procedures Worksheet – enter your own audit steps for upcoming audits
• Sampling Worksheet Plans for - Variable Physical Unit Sample. Variable Dollar Unit Sample, Attribute Discovery Sample, and judgmental.
• Project Work Schedule Worksheet
• Annual Internal Audit Schedule
• Corrective Action Plan (Remediation) Worksheet
• Tick mark examples
• Control Review Worksheet with a table for business process areas.
• Segregation of Duties
• Risk Ranking Sample Guide
• Risk Control Matrix Blank Worksheet
• Three Risk Sample Matrix Worksheets
• Control Questionnaire Template Worksheet
• Checklist Template Worksheet
• Summary Report Template Worksheet
The AuditNet® Template Audit Starter Kit (TASK) for Creating Audit Programs is available for $99. The TASK will be delivered via email.

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