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Thanks to Vincent Fong for his suggestion to set up a page dedicated to auditors in the insurance industry.

I hope that you will help me to spread around the news in your coming newsletter to invite auditors/ practitioners in the insurance industry (life and general) to contribute towards common sharing and learning objectives. The auditable areas in insurance include Underwriting, Claims and Reinsurance which are more technical in nature. I hope that experienced auditors/ practitioners can contribute their ideas and share with the rest.

Vincent Fong

Networking for Insurance Auditors 

Insurance Internal Audit Group The Insurance Internal Audit Group (IIAG) is a unique and dedicated forum for heads of internal audit and their teams in the insurance industry and wider financial services organizations.

Audit Programs and Guides (You must be a registered user/subscriber to access these audit programs. They cannot be accessed from this page. Login and then scroll down the Premium Level 2 programs or if you are not a subscriber then scroll down the Basic Level 1 programs)

  1. Cover Notes Audit Program
  2. Insurance Claims Audit Program
  3. Insurance Audit Program (Aug 2007)
  4. Insurance Claims Audit Program (July 04)
  5. Insurance-Marine (Feb 09)
  6. Insurance (Risk Management) Audit Program
  7. Insurance-Surety Claims (Feb 09)
  8. Insurance-Surety (Feb 09)
  9. Insurance-Transportation Underwriting (Feb 09)
  10. Insurance Underwriting Premium Accounting Property (Oct 07)
  11. Insurance Underwriting
  12. Investments-Insurance (Oct 07)
  13. Licensing & Contracting (Insurance) Oct 05
  14. Reinsurance Ceded (Individual) Audit Program (May 04)
  15. Reinsurance Assumed (Individual) Audit Program (May 04)
  16. UNUM Reinsurance Treaty File Audit Program (May 04)
  17. Reinsurance Assumed Audit Program (May 04)
  18. Underwriting Procedures