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Non-subscribers and non-site license users will be required to pay a fee for CPE and for supplemental handouts requested to be sent by e-mail.  

The AuditNet Webinar programs offers free CPE to subscribers and site license users (ACL, IDEA, TeamMate, KnowledgeLeader, AHIA, and SAP). If you are not a subscriber or site license user you may register, attend and view our Webinars without paying a fee however if you would like to receive a CPE certificate you will have to pay. The no fee option is a benefit of membership or site license access to AuditNet.  If the reason you are attending our Webinars is to earn CPE I would highly recommend subscribing as a basic, premium or group licensee. In addition to earning CPE you will also have access to as many as 2,700 audit program templates. (Note: Subscription fees and CPE fees are subject to change at our discretion).

Some of our Webinars include supplemental handouts and they are available to subscribers only. Non-subscribers and site license users will have to pay for additional handouts requested to be sent by e-mail.

Non Subscriber and Processing Fees
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