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AuditNet® Training::2015-data-analytic-auditing-auditnet-training-without-travel-series::Individual-and-group-pricing-information-page

ACT NOW – Live Webinars Ended but you can get the series recordings on a Flash Drive or visit cRiskAcademy for CPE

Who Should Attend

The training program is designed to be applicable and interesting to all members of the audit team from staff members to executive management. In any department, there are analytic champions but there are generally a higher ratio of team members who lack an advanced proficiency. Some team members may view analytics as challenging and therefore, may not find the appropriate time to maximize this effective set of tools. Analytics need not be intimidating and with a consistent learning plan for 2016, everyone on the team can move to using Microsoft ExcelTM as a common framework or “analytic language” to aid audit discussion, testing and handoff of results. Make a commitment in 2016 to raise up the entire department’s analytic IQ with short, 2 CPE classes starting in February 2016.