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AuditNet® Technology::Analytic-quick-tip-–-quickly-searching-excel-spreadsheets-for-key-words-phrases

Asv Logo Each month will provide the AuditNet® community with a new video training on some aspect of analytics.

November 2014 - Quickly Searching Excel Spreadsheets for Key Words / Phrases

This macro-enabled Microsoft Excel workbook will search a column in Excel for all desired words/phrases. The macro will first extract all rows of data in the selected worksheet, identify the key words/phrases found in that column, and then accumulate the number of times the key words appear in the selected column. Below is a two-minute video showing how it all works.

To receive the complimentary key word macro worksheet used in the below video, please register at Please note in addition to the key word macro file, you will also receive complimentary access to 70 hours of analytic training in ACL Desktop™, IDEA™, Microsoft Excel™, Microsoft Access™, ActiveData for Excel™, and other software products.

To begin the video click this image   on the navigation bar below the video.
To view the video FULL SCREEN click this image   on the navigation bar below the video. 


Rl PicRich Lanza (CPA, CFE, PMP) President of CRP, LLC, helps companies identify their hidden financial assets, mostly using technology and referring them to specialists. He has a decade and a half of experience in audit technology and recovery auditing, becoming a leading authority in these areas.

He is the author of 13 publications and training courses in audit software and has over 75 articles for major audit and accounting publications. Rich has worked for companies ranging in size of $30 million to $30 billion and in all, has helped them find money through the use of technology and recovery auditing.

To contact Rich, please Email him at or see his website at

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