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Raptor Systems Security Library provides links to a variety of security articles.

RedTree Development Inc. produces a free software tool called Wilbur which is useful for forensic auditing. The tool searches and organizes an entire hard disk. The tool is available for free download at the Web site.

Related Party and Related Parties Transactions Toolkit from the AICPA, provides guidance for auditors.

Reporting Performance Information - The purpose of this special report is to provide guidelines to state and local governments to enhance the production of external SEA reports through use of sixteen suggested criteria. These criteria were developed by studying state and local governments currently using SEA measures and studying the work of other national and international organizations. Each criterion includes the purpose, a description, the rationale for such a criterion, and several examples from existing SEA reports.

Research Institute of America is a publisher of U.S. federal, state and local tax information and analysis. The site provides weekly updates on tax information, product reviews, demos, and employment opportunities.

Researching Companies Online provides a step by step tutorial on finding company and industry information on the World Wide Web.

Resolver  - Resolver is the risk backbone for over 1000 of the world’s largest organizations. Our cloud software takes the uncertainty from risk based decisions, so that our customers can perform as planned.

RespondaNet is the Web site for the Americas' Accountability Anti-Corruption project. The site contains information in English and Spanish including Accountability, the quarterly newsletter, links to related sites, publications, event listings and more.

Restaurant Internal Auditors Executive Study Group is a group comprised of internal auditors from the chain restaurants that belong to the National Restaurant Association. The group meets twice a year to discuss issues such as Point of sale systems, Internet security, Automation of the audit function, Crisis management and International franchise auditing. (Industry Code 8600)

Rhode Island Society of CPAs Site of this professional society provides links to Internet resources and information about the organization.

Risk Analysis Tools web site for Simtools and Formlist, provide Excel spreadsheet risk analysis and formula auditing. These Excel macros were developed to facilitate applications of probability and statistics, and to help managers do complex decision analysis.

Risk and Uncertainty Management Group is an Internet discussion list for people interested in risk management in organizations. The idea is to share an interest in doing risk management in easier, faster, better ways in any discipline, not just insurance, safety, corporate governance, or IT. Topics like embedding, risk registers, upside risks, project risk management, risk ratings, and so on are likely to be discussed.

Risk Assessment Best Practices   as compiled by the President’s Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection.   

Risk Assessment Guidebook for E-commerce/E-government This guidebook from the National Electronic Commerce Coordinating Council, was created to assist auditors and others interested in evaluating the risk factors involved in providing services electronically.

Risk Audit Risk Audit's website provides useful information for internal auditors including risk benchmarks, case studies, an insight into fraud and a description of their training services.

Risk Management Audit Guide from the Treasury Board of Canada provides review guidance for auditors including risk identification, compensation, volunteers and more.

RISKWeb - Information resource for academics and professionals interested in risk management and insurance issues. The RISKNet WWW server is a service of the RISKNet mailing maintained at the University of Texas at Austin. The RISKNet mailing list provides individuals around the world with a forum for open discussion of Risk and Insurance issues.

Risk Assessment Web page breaks down the process into 6 basic steps.

Risk Assessment and Control Design WWW Resource Kit is a project of KPMG and includes a virtual library on the topic. There are articles and guides and a moderated mailing list on the subject of CSA.

Risk Assessment Do's and Don'ts Professor Boritz provides guidance on risk assessment for internal auditors. Web site of the International Financial Risk Institute provides links to risk resources, key concepts, risk glossary, forums and more. (Knowledge Resource)

Robert Half Web site provides resources for job seekers including job openings.

Rothstein Associates Homepage for industry's primary source of information on disaster recovery. Contains an extensive index of material on disaster recovery and links are planned to resources for business continuity and disaster recovery professionals.

Rutgers Accounting Web (RAW)  Site - located at Rutgers University and mirrors the ANet WWW site.