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Reciprocal Link Exchange Information or Text Ad on AuditNet®


Reciprocal Link Exchange Information if you are interested in adding a resource or linking to our site we are looking for well ranked, high traffic sites. We get many requests from sites that do not qualify to meet our criteria that is why we have provided the requirements below to expedite our review process. You would be included in a resource page that matches your product or service.

Our Basic Requirements:

  • Quality - your site must have quality value added information for our visitors
  • Relevance - your site must relate to the information that would interest auditors and financial professionals
  • Link Page Directory Link – You must have a link to a link page directory on your main page .
  • Categorized Link Directory – Your link directory must categorize links rather than a list of links.
  • Google Indexing – We will link to websites that have already been indexed by Google.
  • TLD - You must have  an established top level domain
  • Subject Matter - Preferably non-competitive, complimentary subject matter

We accept reciprocal link exchanges from sites that are ranked in the top 10 in search engines, and get at least 5000 unique visitors a day (not page hits, different visitors) our goal for a reciprocal link exchange is to benefit each other with increased traffic. It is also necessary for you to have a top level domain. If your site meets these minimum requirements by all means please exchange links with us! We found it necessary to post these requirements because we get overloaded with requests from sites that will provide no traffic benefit to our site.

Please save everyone some valuable time, don't request a link exchange if you have a website that is new or really gets no traffic at all. Your request will be denied.

We welcome you to provide a link to our site or exchange links with us. If you are interested in exchanging links with us, please send us an email at : info @ with the subject "Link Exchange". In the email please provide the following details:

Link URL
Link Text
Link Description

A reciprocal link on your own web site is required on a page that can be accessed from a link on your home page.
Our preferred link back information is:

Link URL:
Link Text: The Global Resource for Auditors
Link Description: AuditNet® the global resource for auditors contains audit templates such as audit guides, control matrices, programs, questionnaires, checklists, Training without Travel AuditNet Training Institute, the Audit Process from A to Z and more.

If you do not want to create a reciprocal link then we will be glad to add your resource or a link to your site. See the following fees for listing a link, placing a text ad on one of our resource pages or updating an existing link to your site. We will need the link URL, link text or ad text, library category and the link description. Your listing will appear first on the link page alpha listing and the virtual library category.

Website Link Fee
Website Link Category