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AuditNet® Publications--2::Auditnet-surveys::2014-auditnet-survey-of-bring-your-own-device-byod-control-risk-and-audit

The pace of technology moves much faster than managers and auditors can understand and react with updated policies, procedures and controls. Not too long ago workplace technology was simple. Companies purchased and issued technology devices which employees accepted. The expectation was that employees would keep business and personal computing separate. With the change in technology we have witnessed a tsunami of technology enabled devices.

The use of mobile devices by employees is clearly a trend that has occurred in all businesses and organizations. The availability of this technology has blurred the lines of business vs personal connectivity. Technology hungry professionals are quick to purchase the newest mobile phones and devices the instant they are released. The rapid advance of technology and its application in business is constantly evolving thereby forcing organizations to adapt before considering all the business risks and benefits. The risks associated with the use of Mobile Computing to an organization continues to grow as more and more employees use mobile devices in their daily work activities. As a result internal auditors are now on the front line both in understanding the technology as well as assessing the risks and auditing BYOD and mobile device policy and usage. 

This survey seeks to build on other research on mobile computing by reaching out to the global audit community on the risk, control and audit of BYOD (mobile device) policies and usage.

If you would like to join us for a Webinar later this year on the topic of BYOD Guide for Auditors: Control, Risk and Audit please complete the survey and share your email address in the final question comment section.

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