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Update on AuditNet® Webinars with CPE (Changes Effective May 1, 2017)

Published April 20, 2017 13:30

Audit Net.72.Sm Starting May 1, 2017 AuditNet® current paid subscribers and site license users attending our Webinars and meeting NASBA CPE criteria will receive their CPE certificates without charge as a benefit of subscribing. Non-subscribers and non-site license users may attend and view our Webinars however there will be a $10 fee for CPE credit processing. 

Why is there a separate charge for CPE credit processing?

We have a processing fee for non-subscribers and non-site license users attending our Webinars seeking CPE credits. The fee covers administrative operational costs for the Webinars. That way, only those who need CPE credits incur these costs.
For non-subscribers and non-site license user attendees seeking CPE credits, there is a $10 per person processing.

Subscribers (excluding free and trial subscriptions) and site license users who meet NASBA criteria will receive CPE  This is a benefit of subscribing to AuditNet® content so if you currently are not a subscriber consider signing up NOW and you can attend our Webinars and receive CPE as a subscriber benefit!  

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