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Tech Risks Crowd Audit Plan ‘Hot Spots’ (Internal Audit 360°)

Published December 01, 2018 00:40

Audit Net.72.Sm Ia 360 Logo Tech Risks Crowd Audit Plan ‘Hot Spots’

By Joseph McCafferty

As internal audit teams work on their audit plan for 2019, a new report sheds light on where some of the trouble spots are likely to occur for companies, and where internal audit may want to consider focusing its scrutiny and assurance efforts.

Technology research firm Gartner recently issued its annual look at “Audit Plan Hot Spots: Risk Areas to Watch.” While the list has a decidedly tech focus, the reasoning behind including each of the risk areas provides some good insight for internal auditors as they continue their risk assessments and look to benchmark audit plan coverage. And, of course, tech risks feature prominently on any company’s risk register these days. 

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