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Improving your knowledge, skills and competency in risk assessments

Published March 01, 2017 00:20

Audit Net.72.Sm  Improving your knowledge, skills and competency in risk assessments
by Jason Mefford, Co-Founder, cRisk Academy

C Risk Academy Banner

Improving your knowledge, skills and competency in risk assessments 

by Jason Mefford, Co-Founder, cRisk Academy

As auditors, we must develop the necessary knowledge, skill and competencies to make us effective auditors. We owe it to ourselves, and to our organizations. These concepts are discussed about over, and over again throughout the IIA standards and other materials. We gain these through various means, but one of the most important is through individual training.

Many organizations have cut back on training budgets; and, some now even require auditors to pay for their own training or take vacation days to attend training sessions.

Unfortunately, organizations cutting back on training budgets does not release us from our professional responsibility to be competent, or our desire to improve ourselves professionally. So, what's an auditor to do?

Let's pretend for a minute that you are interested in developing your risk assessment skills in the digital age.

You know forces in the business context are changing rapidly, and those forces may have an impact on your organization meeting its objectives. You identify some areas where you need to improve your knowledge, skills, and competencies as an auditor like:

  • Using data analytics to identify changes in the business environment
  • Creating risk dashboards
  • Risk identification techniques and tools
  • Risk assessment techniques and tools
  • How you can leverage technology to help you in the risk identification and assessment process
  •  Improving your basic understanding of IT auditing

Now that you have identified your training needs, you need to find a way to improve your knowledge, skills and competencies in these areas.

You find what appears to be a good in-person training course to help you improve your skills in these areas that meets 60% of your training needs. You prepare a proposal and take it to your boss, so you can sign up and take the training.

  • $2,000 for the training course,
  • Another $1,500 to $2,500 in travel costs,
  • 4 days out of the office
  • Total investment ~ $4,000.

Your boss tells you NO. Your department doesn't have the available training budget and he/she can't afford to have you gone for 4 days.

Now what?

We developed cRisk Academy to help. We provide low-investment training options that provide auditors with the training they need, at a convenient time, that meets their busy schedule. In fact, our courses are at least 50% less than an equivalent in-person training, with no travel costs. You can also customize your own learning experience by taking several different courses to maximize your learning, and get exactly the training you need.

If this hypothetical situation is all too real for you, then training through cRisk Academy, may be just what you need.

We have partnered with AuditNet®, to provide you with a platform for accessing previously recorded AuditNet® webinars on-demand.

Over the years, AuditNet® has produced many high-quality webinars on internal audit, IT audit, data analytics, fraud, IDEA, etc... 

Now you can access them, from the convenience of your home or office - on-demand.

We are in the process of adding the AuditNet® webinars to our platform, so if you don't see exactly the right courses now, check back in a week, as we are adding new content every day.

At cRisk Academy, we help busy risk-based professionals, "see" risk clearly, so they can provide more value to their organizations, and improve their careers.

It's FREE to sign up at

You can filter our courses by topic to find just the training you need to help improve your knowledge, skills, and competencies as an auditor, and be on your way to improving yourself and your career.

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