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Do you have experience writing audit procedures and audit programs? ADAPT

Published April 27, 2020 06:00

 Writers WantedAudit Net.72.Sm Auditors Developing Audit Program Templates (ADAPT)

Do you have some free time during the pandemic?

Do you want to earn some extra money using audit skills and experience?
AuditNet® is looking for internal audit professionals to develop engagement work programs and procedures on a contract basis. AuditNet®, the largest repository of audit work programs and templates, is looking for content including industry specific audit procedures. If you can create risk or internal control matrices, audit program guides, audit procedures or other documentation for conducting compliance, operational or financial audits get in touch with us at info @ Please include a list of documents you can prepare, the industry relevance, and your experience. Audit documents that include data analytic steps would be given priority.


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