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Create Your Own Audit Program Templates

Published September 30, 2020 08:46

Audit Net.72.Sm Audit Template Audit Programs
AuditNet® provides auditors with the opportunity to create your own audit program template, risk control matrix, checklist or questionnaire. There are more than 3,200 templates providing the global audit community with examples of approaches for auditing common and not so common areas within your organization. These templates are not meant to be plug and play but rather as idea generators to get you to use creative thinking skills for customizing an audit approach specific to your environment. We unbundled our standard audit template workbook that contained multiple worksheets for risk ranking and control, sampling, segregation of duties, project work schedules, remediation for correctives action plans, control questionnaires and summary report working papers. In addition to the templates there is a monograph guide that provides a methodology or framework for creating audit documentation as well as sample audit documentation including objectives for various areas, formats for audit programs, checklists and control matrices.

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