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AuditNet® Standard Audit Template

Published November 09, 2018 10:53

Audit Net.72.SmAudit Toolbox AuditNet® added a standard audit template for auditors to plan, conduct and follow up audits. The document includes templates for risk control, audit procedures, questionnaires and checklists. There is a blank workpaper and a report summary that can in used by audit organizations. I have also included worksheets for project work schedule, scheduling audits, controls review, corrective action and remediation, tickmarks, segregation of duties matrix, and a risk ranking guide. The worksheets included in this workbook can be used to plan and carry out your audit from risk identification, scheduling, conducting and following up.
This is the beginning of AuditNet® adding new resources and tools to help auditors. AuditNet® is The Global Resource for Auditors!

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