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AuditNet® CPE Fee Policy for Non-Subscribers and Non-Site License Users

Published February 05, 2018 10:36

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Effective July 1, 2017 AuditNet® modified the CPE fee policy. The following takes effect with all training beginning in July for CPE processing fees for non-subscribers and non-site license users attending the AuditNet Webinars. This change does not apply to those who have registered and paid for CPE. The AuditNet Webinar programs offer free CPE to subscribers (except for free and trial) and site license users (ACL, IDEA, TeamMate, KnowledgeLeader, AHIA, and SAP). If you are not a subscriber or do not access AuditNet® via one of the above providers you may register, attend and view our Webinars without paying a fee however if you would like to receive a CPE certificate you will have to pay. The no fee option is a benefit of membership or site license access to AuditNet®. If the reason you are attending our Webinars is to earn CPE I would highly recommend subscribing as a basic, premium or group licensee. In addition to earning CPE you will also have access to as many as 2,700 audit program templates. For the link to pay for see below. (Note: Subscription fees and CPE fees are subject to change at our discretion).

Non Subscriber and Processing Fees
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