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AuditNet® Conducts a Survey to Assess the State of Technology Use by Auditors

Published February 09, 2017 04:18

Audit Net.72.SmSurveytake The AuditNet® 2017 State of Technology Use by Auditors is now open as a follow up to our 2015 survey in order to determine what tools audit departments are using, how the tools are being used, the level of use and where auditors see themselves on the Audit Utilization of Technology Optimization Scale (AUTOS).

This follow up will measure progress since our last survey to determine changes in the professional landscape. AuditNet® has been on the leading edge of the profession when it comes to encouraging auditors and audit departments to integrate the use of technology in their methodology. Surveys by other organizations recognize the added value that technology affords auditors however it does not appear that a paradigm shift is imminent. AuditNet® offers training that emphasizes audit technology use. In a addition through collaborative partnerships we have made videos available to the audit community to disseminate knowledge on the use of audit technology.   Take the survey now and join us for a Webinar later this year!

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