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AuditNet® Complimentary Subscription with over 1,000 FREE Audit Program Templates

Published December 12, 2018 00:41

BttfAudit Net.72.Sm   AuditNet® started in 1995 offering access to hundreds of audit program templates without a fee. Effective October 15, 2018 AuditNet® began converting the basic level audit program templates and making them available to the complimentary subscription level. When the phasing is complete there will be approximately 1,300 templates available to complimentary subscribers. In addition we will periodically add new templates to the complimentary subscription level.  

Complimentary subscribers must opt in for the AuditNet® mailing list. If a complimentary subscriber opts out then the subscription will be removed and access to the complimentary content will terminate. 

Sign up today for a complimentary subscription!

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