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AuditNet® Key-word-analytics

AuditNet®  maintains a comprehensive inventory of recordings  on data analytic tools and techniques for the next generation of auditors. Our live Webinar events feature subject matter experts who are also well-known audit practitioners. Auditors who for the live events receive data files associated with that Webinar and if they meet NASBA criteria earn CPE.  We record all of our events for convenient viewing by the global audit community! 

Recordings are available on GoToStage.  The recordings and videos are all available for free viewing by registered users. The slides and data files are available for purchase. (Note: we cannot provide CPE for viewing the recordings). If you would like CPE for this Webinar you can purchase the Video on Demand from cRisk Academy

Using Key Word Analysis of an Organization’s Big Data For Error and Fraud Detection

This informative webinar will provide outcomes of a 2014 study completed by Auditnet® on key words and textual analytics. with the following learning objectives:

  • Provide a summary of survey responses so attendees can learn best practices in using key word analysis as a fraud and error risk assessment tool
  • Explain the tabulated list key words, trends, and top words being considered so attendees can learn to prioritize their key words list depending on the completed review
  • Understand how to obtain maximum effect by combining structured accounting data analysis with unstructured textual analysis of words, combination of words, and emotive tones
  • See how the Fraud Triangle can be paired with textual analysis to develop an associated fraud rating of transactions and people associated with the transactions
  • Understand examples of creating a database of an organization’s words for text mining and then completing a key words search in a variety of products, using provided sample script language when possible: ACL Desktop, ActiveData for Excel, Arbutus Analyzer, IDEA, and Microsoft ExcelLearn how to visualize the output in graphs and word clouds to ease review and any selections from the analysis

Data Files

The AuditNet® survey on Keyword Analytics produced over 500 responses and was an effort completed in 2014 to collect words from audit, fraud, and finance professionals used in their textual analysis. These data files were updated in 2015 to lead to a file of over 4,000 unique words for searching.  The data files available associated with the survey are being offered for $99 and include the following:

  • Tabulated list of key words from the survey produced over 2,100 key words and additions were made in 2015 to raise this list to over 4,000 unique words/phrases for searching. The key words have various coding, as well as, summaries of the results in numerous Pivot Table perspectives. 
  • A Dutch translated version of the 2014 survey results (close to 2,000 words translated from the original list of 2,100 words).
  • Excel macro that will complete a key word match, summarize counts of each word, as well as, tagging each Excel row with the word detected.
  • ACL & Arbutus compatible scripts to complete a key word search, as well as, a word summarization of a selected field (such as journal entry description).

Other consultants and firms have developed their own list of keywords but to our knowledge have not made them available to the public. The AuditNet® Keyword Files not only include the list of keywords but tools and techniques to put these files to work for you.  

Please see the full description of the file contents.

Watch the recorded Webinar !

Key Word Analytics Data Files