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Using Excel as an Audit Software (eBook)


Using Excel as an Audit Software (eBook)


The purpose of this document is to assist auditors, fraud examiners, and management in implementing
data analysis routines using Microsoft Excel. It is hoped that through the dissemination of this new
information that more analysis will be done using audit software to prevent and proactively detect
organizational inefficiency, ineffectiveness, and fraud. Please note that although written for auditors,
these tests may greatly assist the business community at large as it is currently estimated that there are
400 million users worldwide. 

This document is not expected to explain Microsoft Excel concepts at length but rather to provide 
guidance as to which of the product’s features can be used in an audit setting. For more extensive
documentation on the use of Microsoft Excel, please see the Help feature in the product and/or the
publications section of the website. 

With this document, users can no longer say that audit software is difficult. For now, even a tool as 
simple as a spreadsheet can and should be used as an audit software. Many readers have noted that this
document showed them what is possible with audit software in analogous terms they could understand.
With the “curtain exposed” users can now focus their time on the more critical activities of creatively
dreaming up new tests and improving their business intelligence.

For more information on the use of audit software, and countless ways of applying it to your business,
please see or

If you would like to provide feedback on the document, we welcome and encourage it as we plan to
complete later versions. Please provide your feedback via Email at

IT Audit Program

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