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SSAE 16 Audit Security Checklist (August 2015)


SSAE 16 Audit Security Checklist (August 2015)


  • Pre-Audit Procedures: Is your organization prepared for an audit? 
  • Governance:  Does your organization understand the Service Provider services and resources being used? Has your organization’s risk management program taken into account use of Service Provider? 
  • Asset Configuration and Management:  Does your organization manage operating system and application security vulnerabilities to protect the security, stability, and integrity of the asset? 
  • Logical Access Control:  Does your organization understand how users and permissions are set-up in Service Provider? Doesyour organization securely manage the credentials associated with your Service Provider accounts? 
  • Data Encryption:  Does your organization understand where your organization’s data resides and how is it protected? 
  • Network Configuration and Management:  Does your organization understand the network architecture of your Service Provider resources? 
  • Security Logging and Monitoring:   Are your organization’s systems residing on Service Provider logged and monitored? 
  • Security Incident Response:  Does your organization’s incident management plan and processes include systems in the Service Provider environment? 
  • Disaster Recovery:  Does your organization’s disaster recovery strategy include systems in the Service Provider environment? 

Workbook with multiple worksheets. Download this template to review the detail audit programs and controls. 

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