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Issue Management Template


Issue Management Template


Complete the Project Name, Project Manager Name, and Project Description fields
For each issue identified, complete the following:
ID: A unique ID number used to identify the issue in the issue tracking log.
"Current Status: This column should be populated with the issue's current status.

  • Open: The issue is currently open but has not yet been addressed.
  • Work In Progress: The issue is being actively worked to develop a resolution.
  • Closed: The issue is no longer considered an active project threat and can be closed with or without resolution.

Some other potential options include:

  • Late: The issue resolution is not yet resolved and it is past the expected resolution date.
  • On Hold: The issue has been put on hold.
  • Combined: Two issues found to be similar have been combined."

"Priority: This column should be populated with the priority of the issue. Valid options include the following: High, Medium, Low. These are defined as follows:

  • Critical: Issue will stop project progress if not resolved.
  • High: Issue will likely move the project back in terms of budget or timeline, or will materially affect quality or scope.
  • Medium: Issue will have material effect on project, has potential to be moved to high category and/or requires significant resources to manage.
  • Low: Issue is expected to have a moderate effect on the project, but will require resources to address."

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