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Competency Framework - September 2016


Competency Framework - September 2016


The Competency Framework can be downloaded and saved onto your computer. The size of font can be increased using the toolbar at the top of your page.

Open the document and click on the Index & Personal Details tab, and enter your name and post at the top of the page (If you are completing a role profile, enter only the name of the post).

Clicking on the headings listed will take you into that particular competency, alternatively you can go any competency by clicking on the tabs at the bottom of the page.

Each competency has a number of skills listed and each has statement which identifies the level of competency. Read each statement and decide if it reflects your current level of competency (or the level of competency required for a post), if it does select the drop down box that reads ‘false’ and select ‘true’; if the statement does not reflect the competency level leave the indicator as ‘false’. Move through the framework selecting a ‘true’ statement for each of the skills listed in each competency.

When all the ‘true’ statements have been selected, click on the ‘Personal Summary’ tab. The information summarised here provides the competency profile. If completing an ‘individual competence profile’ information is also provided on the next suggested level of competence to be attained. There is also space to identify the development action required and a review date.

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