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ACL Scripts for Beginners


ACL Scripts for Beginners


If you are looking for guidance on creating scripts in ACL then this publication from the NY ACL Users Group is a great start.

What is an ACL Script? A script is a series of ACL commands that are stored as a unit in an ACL project. Scripts are useful to auditors because they can be run on demand or automatically. 

Why should I use scripts? Using scripts saves you and your company time and time is money. The auditor can focus on taking action using audit results instead of spending time preparing reports.

Ok, I'm sold, how to I create a basic script?

  1. Use the script recorder to capture a record of all actions performed in ACL;
  2. copy the relevant "code" from the log file and save it as a reusable script.

How do I learn to write my own scripts?

  1. Take an ACL course that is taught by an ACL instructor;
  2. read the script posts that are at ACL User Forums and teach yourself;
  3. buy Fraud Toolkit for ACL or other books and use the pre-written scripts at your own risk.
  4. get Just In Time Training videos on scripting from 

Enough talk, let's start!

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