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1 - cRisk Access Codes


1 - cRisk Access Codes


Subscriber and Site License User Codes for Access to AuditNet®/cRisk Academy Webinars

AuditNet® and cRisk Academy are happy to announce an extended partnership. The partnership brings you, the AuditNet® subscriber and site licensee (ACL, AHIA, Arbutus, CaseWare IDEA, KnowledgeLeader, SAP, and TeamMate), free access to cRisk Webinars. This is a complimentary benefit to you, in addition to all the benefits you currently enjoy. Subscribers and site license users will be able to register, login and attend an unlimited number of cRisk webinars without a fee by receiving a coupon code. Instructions are included in this file!

CPE will be issued by cRisk Academy for the Webinars offered through cRisk Academy. AuditNet® will also continue offering hosted Webinars with NASBA CPE. There will be a fee for non-subscribers so if you would like to learn and earn free CPE, subscribe today!

Not a Subscriber? Subscribe Now and Start Earning CPE with the free codes ! (note subscribers also can download more than 3,000 templates from AuditNet®.

Standard (Non-IT) Audit Program

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Posted by thomasjl
Jul 30, 2019 11:32AM

where is the code located?

Posted by
Jun 18, 2019 11:48AM

I am an AHIA member. How do I access the code?

Posted by tmoore
Jun 17, 2019 12:15PM

How do I retrieve the code to enter as part of my subscription as a TeamMate user.

Posted by
Jun 13, 2019 12:20PM

Thank you for offering this as part of my annual subscription to Audit Net. Where do I enter the code? Thank you for your assistance!

Posted by ldesalvo
May 30, 2019 07:05AM

Thank you for offering this webinar!


This file is only available to basic subscribers or site license users. Please log in or sign up for a subscription to get this file.

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