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Data Analysis for Internal Controls, Fraud Detection, Monitoring and Audit

by Dave Coderre

Dave Coderre, a data analytics guru, has written a book that could easily be called a History of Data Analytics for Auditors. New auditors may take data analytics for granted or may not even be aware of the journey that many auditors have had to take to reach the current state of data analytics in audit. Even though computer assisted audits and data analytics have been around for decades there are still many in the profession who have yet to adopt a fully mature approach to data analytics. Dave has provided a book that walks through his personal experience on the challenges as well as the benefits of computer assisted audit tools and techniques commonly known as CAATTs. By reading this book you will benefit from Dave’s learning experience that will help in your learning curve as you delve into this area. If you are experienced in data analytics there is still much to gain from Dave’s examples of how he approached different areas for using data analytics.

Thumbs up to a Data Analytics Guru for sharing these stories and case studies!

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