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There are many auditors working for organizations that use SAP, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is an industry term for integrated, multi-module application software packages that are designed to serve and support multiple business functions. The purpose of the SAP AuditNet page is to provide a clearinghouse of information and an opportunity to share resources to facilitate audits of SAP. If you have resources including audit programs, checklists, internal control questionnaires (ICQ) or anything else that will help other auditors please send them to

ERP GENERAL (SAP, BaaN, Oracle, PeopleSoft) 

ITtoolbox a knowledge network and support environment for the IT industry containing a section on ERP with links to SAP, BaaN, Oracle, PeopleSoft and more.

Audit and Security Strategies for PeopleSoft Implementation

Layer Seven Security  -Layer Seven Security specialize in SAP security. The company serves customers across the globe to protect SAP systems against internal and external threats and comply with industry and statutory reporting requirements. We fuse technical expertise with business acumen to deliver unparalleled implementation, consulting & audit services targeted at managing risks in contemporary SAP systems.

The following documents were shared by Larry Hanson ISACA-LA Chapter) and are available to subscribers from the audit programs section of AuditNet.

BaaN Business Process Controls

BaaN Security

ERP Systems: Audit and Control Risks

Introduction to ERP: Overview of ERP Systems

PeopleSoft Business Process Controls

PeopleSoft Security

SAP Business Process Controls and AIS


  1. Oracle Application Audit

  2. Oracle Database Auditing

  3. Oracle DB Technical Audit Program  

  4. Oracle Financials Security Checklist

  5. Oracle Infrastructure Audit

  6. Oracle Inventory Audit

  7. Oracle Security Guide

  8. PeopleSoft Audit Review
  9. PeopleSoft Audit Program 

  10. PeopleSoft Audit Release 7.X 

  11. SAP Accounts Payable Audit Program
  12. SAP Audit Info. Approach 
  13. SAP Audit Program (Word)
  14. SAP Audit Program 

  15. SAP Fixed Assets
  16. SAP-HR Audit Program
  17. SAP Materials Management
  18. SAP Process Controls Audit Program

  19. SAP Security 

  20. SAP Systems Parameters Review
  21. SAP Transaction Codes


  1. Auditing SAP R/3

  2. Auditing SAP Basis

  3. Auditing in an SAP Environment presentation by Phil Moulton

  4. SAP R3 Auditing Manual 

  5. SAP R3 Auditing Guidelines

  6. Introduction to the SAP/R3 System Focusing on Audit Aspects


Better Practice Guide - Security and Control for SAP R/3  from the Australian National Audit Office.


  1. Oracle Audit Checklist


Auditing in an SAP Environment   Phil Moulton

Fraud Auditing in an SAP Environment Phil Moulton



SAP Security Administration SANS Institute Information Security Reading Room


SAP Transaction Codes

SAP Transaction Codes with Report and Description

General SAP R/3 Security Administration

Topic File Description
Designing Roles Security Design Concepts A presentation on responsibility of Security provided by Pandya, Snehal , nice system risk matrix.
Designing Roles Authorization Design A presentation provided by Pandya, Snehal  on role design.
Upgrade SAP Security Upgrade White Paper Upgrading to Role Based Profiles
SOD Segregation of Duties Matrix This was written by SAP and is based on transactions level authorizations
Business Warehouse bwauthconcepts_JUDI_1204.pdf Business Warehouse Security Overview
Business Warehouse Training Document for Learning BW Security I am writing this document as I have time.
Gary Morris
HR Structural Authorizations Structural Authorizations Step By Step HR Security Doc by Norm and Carl provided by Amy Sue Lambermont.  Thanks Amy!
Security Setup System Parameters System Parameters related to security
Training Ids Creating Users Script Step by Step Guide to setting up Training IDs and setting same password, Woo Hoo!!
RBE Using the RBE Tool for Security A document from Larry Justice on How to use the RBE tool for Security
Controls Configurable Controls.ppt A ppt on configurable controls
ESS Security for ESS.ppt a ppt on Security for Employee Self Service and Manager's Desktop
R/3 Security Overview SAP Audit Information foundational R/3 security information
R/3 Security Overview SAP Security  
Security Tools Toolstocontrolrisk.ppt A PPT on tools to mitigate Risks in R/3
Security Administration UserSecurityDelta.ppt A ppt on User & Security Administration for e-Procurement at Delta Air Lines
Security Administration Authorizations made easy 45A/B The Authorization Made Easy Guide for 45A/B
Workplace DWorkplacesecurity.ppt A ppt on Workplace Security
Workplace WorkplaceSSO.ppt A ppt on Workplace Single Sign On
User Buffers auth/new_buffering Info on auth/new_buffering
Authorization Objects User Administration Authorizations Critical Authorization Objects that control User administration access
Third Party Tools BindviewSAPControl overview.ppt Overview of the Bindview Control product
Third Party Tools bv_sap_sample_reports.ppt Sample Bindview Control Reports
Third Party Tools bv-ControlSAPds1.pdf Bindview Information
Third Party Tools bvcvsSAP.doc Bindview Information
Third Party Tools SAPCaseStudy.pdf Bindview Information
CUA CentralUserAdmin.ppt A ppt on Central User Administration
CUA Quick run through of how to setup A quick list of  how to setup CUA
CUA Central User Administration A ppt on Central User Administration management
CUA Delta Central User Admin.ppt A ppt of Central User Administration at Delta Airlines
CUA personeldevcua.pdf A pdf by P.M.V. Subba Rao
RBE STEPS TO GENERATE RBE EXTRACT FILE Document on using the RBE tool to analyze transaction usage.
Security Audit Logs Format of Security Audit Log Files  
Security Audit Logs SECAUDLOGONLINE_EN.pdf SAP Manual on Security Audit Logs
Security Audit Logs sec_audit_log_param.txt Setup Security Audit Logs
SAP Security Guide Ver 3 (unzip and use index as starting page) The Official SAP Security Guide Version 3
Security Audit Logs Security Audit Logging with SM19 All the steps needed to setup Security Audit Logging
Security Audit Logs Security Audit Log Filters SM19 SM19 Enabling Dynamic Filters for Security Audit Logs Example
Security Audit Logs Analyzing Security Audit Logs SM20 Analyzing Security Audit Logs Examples
Security Audit Logs sap_note_135210_secAudLog.txt Why the Security Audit Logs lose their Settings when system reboots
Tips Resetting SAP* ABAP Code for resetting SAP* password across all clients
SAP Security Guide Ver 3 sapsecurityguidever3.pdf  
SAP Security Guide Ver 2 securtyguidever2vol3checklists.pdf SAP Security Checklists
Security Administration business_user_adm_mysap.pdf  
Workplace Roles workplace.ppt  
All Activities tact.xls Table TACT
Security Adminsitration Users_and_Roles_620.pdf  
Designing Roles Security Naming Convention  
Security Overview System Security Overview.ppt  


Realtime North America - vendor of BioLock, SAP certified biometric identity management system.