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AuditNet® Audit-library::Auditnet-monographs-and-guides


 Monographs and Guides The monograph series grew out of my desire to establish an online electronic communication network for auditors. Before online services, bulletin boards and the Internet many auditors were operating without the benefits of peer collaboration and information sharing on a major scale. The Internet, founded on the principle of sharing and communication, changed the interaction model between auditors. Auditors can now post messages in online discussion forums, upload and download audit work programs, checklists, surveys, questionnaires and other audit related material in warp speed. Small one-person audit shops can now leverage the Internet and communicate with others and feel like they are not paddling upstream with one oar when it comes to having access to audit resources. My vision of an online information communication network for auditors became a reality with AuditNet® as the foundation.
The AuditNet® Monograph Series or AMS provides auditors with guidance on different aspects of the audit process and other relevant topics to help them do their jobs. New auditors will seek these guides to learn some basics of auditing while experienced auditors will use them as a review. Each guide focuses on a specific subject. The guides are available to subscribers in the audit templates area. If you are a subscriber and cannot find any of the following please send an email to We are constantly adding new titles to this list.

  1. Auditing CICS – A Beginner’s Guide (Sep 2009)
  2. AuditNet Guide to Annual Audit Planning 
  3. Auditor’s Guide to Audit Programs, Questionnaires, Checklists and Control Matrices (Feb 09)
  4. AuditNet® Guide to Audit Report and Finding Rating Systems (May 2009)
  5. AuditNet Guide to Audit Risk Assessment Methodology 
  6. AuditNet Guide to Audit Working Papers
  7. AuditNet® Guide to Audit Report Writing (Feb 09) 
  8. Auditor's Guide to Documenting Controls (Jan 07)
  9. AuditNet Guide to Internal Audit Charters
  10. AuditNet® Guide to Planning & Conducting an Audit (September 2013)
  11. AuditNet Guide to Preparing Audit Programs
  12. AuditNet's Guide to Flowcharting
  13. AuditNet Guide to Fraud and Waste Indicators (August 2010)
  14. AuditNet Guide to Fraud Detection and Prevention Best Practices (August 2010)
  15. AuditNet Guide to Setting up a New Audit Activity (April 2009)
  16. AuditNet Guide to Writing Audit Reports 
  17. AuditNet Internal Audit Manual Template (Feb 09)
  18. AuditNet Internal Audit Manual Template
  19. AuditNet Principles of Computer Assisted Audit Techniques - an AuditNet® Monograph Series Guide in cooperation with INTOSAI.
  20. AuditNet Computer Assisted Audit Techniques Guide to Downloading Data an AuditNet® Monograph Series Guide in cooperation with INTOSAI
  21. Guide to Using International Standards on Auditing Small and Medium Sized Entities
  22. Guide to NIST Information Security Documents
  23. Information Integrity: The Next Frontier for Internal Auditors
  24. Information Technology Audit General Principles-Monograph
  25. AuditNet New Auditor Orientation Guide (Jan 07)
  26. AuditNet Guide to Sampling for Auditors  includes (Statistical Sampling Tool )
  27. Is Your IP Leaking?
  28. Software Compliance Auditing: Is Your Number Up?
  29. Software Compliance Auditing: As An Auditor,
  30. You Don’t Stand a Ghost of a Chance - Or, Do You?”
  31. Software Licensing Compliance
  32. Software Compliance & Your Organization: Looking for a Career Change
  33. Preparing, Documenting, and Referencing Spreadsheets
  34. Writing Essentials Toolkit for Auditors (October 2010) PDF version