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Audit Software

Computer programs designed to assist in examining and testing clients' accounting records. Different audit software packages accomplish varying objectives. Some packages assist in gathering evidence, conducting analytical tests, sampling data, evaluating internal control, documenting the audit, scheduling the audit, printing exception reports (e.g., employee salary exceeding a prescribed limit), preparing audit reports, sending out confirmations and management letters.

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Auditors and Technology


Workiva, provider of the world’s leading connected reporting and compliance platform, is used by thousands of enterprises across 180 countries, including 75 percent of Fortune 500® companies, and by government agencies. Our customers have linked over five billion data elements to trust their data, reduce risk and save time. For more information about Workiva (NYSE:WK), please visit

IDEA Audit Software Training

IDEA Audit Software Training - According to the PwC's most recent State of the Internal Audit Profession Study most CAE's acknowledge that data analytics technologies are important for strengthening audit coverage and gaining a better understanding of risk, yet less than one third of their departments use such tools regularly. An AuditNet® survey reinforced this fact that most auditors are using the technology on an "ad hoc basis". Despite the fact that the technology has been available for more than two decades it is still not standard practice for the majority of the profession.Auditor's and Technology

IDEA is one of the easiest to learn analytic tools for auditors, however learning a new technology on your own can be difficult. Learning on your own may take longer and you may not be using the software efficiently or effectively. We provide directions and short cuts from the convenience of your desktop. that help you quickly navigate through learning IDEA.This series is aimed primarily at auditors, both internal and external, who are beginning their career in Computer Auditing or who wish to understand how to use IDEA. The series builds rapidly to shorten the time period to productivity and effectiveness.

AuditNet® has joined forces with Richard Cascarino and Associates to bring you a structured learning curriculum for CaseWare IDEA. The courses are designed to build on skills developed from prior knowledge or training. Auditors can choose between the complete series or pick and choose specific course depending on both needs as well as budgetary financial constraints.

Sparta Systems - Sparta Systems’ global enterprise quality management solutions (EQMS) enable high-value organizations to safely and efficiently deliver products and services to market. Our TrackWise® Enterprise Quality Management Software, a trusted standard among highly regulated industries, is used to reduce risk and improve safety across the global enterprise.

Audit Applications Logo - Audit Applications is an online service automating and simplifying the audit confirmation process. Accounts receivable / payable confirmations are sent as emails and responses are automatically registered in our secure and intuitive system.
You can sign up for a free test account allowing you up to 3 confirmation rounds. Avoid fraud while saving time and money by automating your audit confirmation process:

ACL   is an integrated system of software providing complete control over data access, management, analysis, and presentation. The site offers information about their products, trade shows, seminars and training schedules, as well as online support and the Audit Central page; A Guide to Web Audit Sites. For more info send email to

ADM PLUS for Windows Web site of Pleier Corporation  provides information about their audit automation software. There are links to newsletter, conference announcements and a full-featured 90 day Evaluation Version or a Production Version of ADM PLUS for Windows is available for downloading.

Arbutus - Arbutus can be used for a variety of audit and business intelligence (BI) applications. Audit software applications include audit analytics, continuous monitoring, fraud detection, and workgroup collaboration. BI applications include connecting desktops to mainframes for accessing legacy data, data migration and querying, and data analysis. From ad-hoc testing to automating data analysis for continuous analytics, Arbutus provides auditors, financial managers, and IT professionals with the capabilities they need to perform enterprise-wide testing of organizational data.

Audimation is a distributor of IDEA software. The site has links to information about the product, its uses, training, upcoming events and demo downloads.

Auditor Assistant is a teamwork-based audit system using Lotus Notes. The site includes a description of how the system works, requirements and a downloadable preview version of the program.

Audit Leverage department management software for internal auditors. Uses Microsoft Access for workpapers, risk assessment, staffing and scheduling, timekeeping, and more.

CaseWare CaseWare International is a producer of engagement and reporting software.

CASEWARE-IDEA - Data extraction and analysis software

Computer Security Assessments by SekChek Information Protection Services - site for automated host-computer security reviews covering all non-mainframe platforms. Site provides sample review reports for all major platforms, and downloadable “client” software explaining how security control settings are extracted without impacting target system.

CRA Wiz - CRA Wiz™ is a family of Windows™ based software tools for compliance professionals in the CRA and Fair Lending fields. The three tools are the Database Analyzer, the Geocoder, and the Mapper. All are Windows™ based and can be operated and purchased as an integrated system or independently of each other.

Horwath Software Services provide a variety of Audit Automation, Risk Management and Computer Security products together with strategic advice, systems development, implementation assistance, training, and support. They are specialists in providing software development, consulting, training and support software for Internal Audit, Risk Management Quality Control, Computer Security, Fraud Investigation and other similar departments.

InfoZoom -  is a visualization and data analysis solution for Internal Audit. The software is an in-memory solution that is based on MP3 compression technology. InfoZoom allows combining multiple data sets without the need for a database or scripting. This site provides YouTube videos and use cases for common analysis needed in Audit.

Key Server License Management Web site provides software license management solutions for organizations. Site includes articles about software licensing, product information and a free software audit tool that determines the status of Software License Compliance

MetricStream, Inc market leader in Enterprise-wide GRC and Quality Solutions for global corporations. MetricStream enterprise solutions are used by leading corporations in diverse industries. MetricStream Audit Management module is a comprehensive audit system designed to help companies manage a wide range of audit-related activities, data and processes. The audit management software provides the flexibility to support all types of audits, including internal audits, operational audits, IT audits, supplier audits and quality audits.

TeamMate Audit and Controls Management - TeamMate, a part of Wolters Kluwer, is the maker of the world’s leading internal audit management solution, TeamMate AM, and the breakthrough SOX and controls management solution, TeamMate CM.

Thomson Reuters Accelus - company, offers comprehensive governance, risk and compliance software solutions that enable organizations to streamline GRC compliance, reduce costs, measure, manage and mitigate risks, while providing visibility, oversight and assurance. The purpose-built software takes a holistic approach to GRC by providing functionality for audit, financial controls management, risk management, IT governance and compliance.

Patton & Patton Software Home page of the developers of Flow Charting software. Provides information about the company and it's products. There are links to flowcharting resource materials including application stories, helpful publications and sources, common symbol definitions, and sample charts and diagrams. E-mail support is available.

SGP International , a leading developer of departmental data reconciliation and custom designed data management solutions, now offers DataCheck, a data integrity assurance system.

WizRule is a data auditing and cleansing application that analyzes databases and shows inconsistencies in the data. There is a demo available for download on the site.

Workiva , provider of the world’s leading connected reporting and compliance platform, is used by thousands of enterprises across 180 countries, including 75 percent of Fortune 500® companies, and by government agencies. Our customers have linked over five billion data elements to trust their data, reduce risk and save time. For more information about Workiva (NYSE:WK), please visit