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Calendar ThemesRate Card effective 1/1/2021

AuditNet®, the global resource for auditors, is a registered trademark for the Web Site created by Jim Kaplan, an Internet for auditors visionary, audit practitioner, business journalist, author of the IIA's The Auditor's Guide to Internet Resources, 2nd Edition and recipient of the Bradford Cadmus Award from the Institute of Internal Auditors and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association of Governments Auditors. 

AuditNet®, available on the WWW at, and and apps on all mobile devices (iOS, Android and Windows), has various advertising and sponsorship opportunities designed to fit any marketing budget. Advertisers can share banner space (rotating banner) at very attractive rates or elect to present their message with a standalone banner. AuditNet® has a potential visitor base of over 500,000 audit professionals

The AuditNet® Newsletter is distributed monthly. The Newsletter is sent via email to up to 100,000 contacts directly and another 500,000 indirectly through social media. The entire newsletter is also published online and is available free to all visitors to the AuditNet® website. (Rates shown are discounted for annual placements only)

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2021 Advertising Rate Schedule

Advertising Rates 
Location Non Rotating Slots Rotating Slots Available 
1 (a) Banner Ad (468x60) placed on all AuditNet® pages - run of site includes mobile $16,500 annual includes Webinar and e-blasts. 4 Subject to Availability $1,100/mo or $7,500 annual 6 slots available
1 (b) Banner Ad (vertical) 160x600 placed on all AuditNet® pages - run of site includes mobile  $15,000 annual includes Webinar and Quarterly e-Blasts 1 slot available subject to no rotating slots booked. $1,000/mo or $7,500 Annual  6 slots if non-rotating slot has not been booked.
2(a) Banner Ad placed on the AuditNet® Homepage Only (vertical not included) $1,000/month or $10,000 Annual  Subject to availability $500/mo or $5,000 annual Subject to availability
2(b)  Banner Ad (vertical) placed on any other AuditNet® page  $500/month or $5,000 Annual/page Subject to availability $350/mo or $3,500 Annual/page 6 slots per page if non-rotating slot has not been booked.
3. Your Banner Ad placed on all Template pages includes mobile. $1,000/mo or $10,000 annual Subject to availability $500/mo or $5,000 annual Subject to availability
4.  Your Banner Ad placed on all Event and Training pages includes mobile. $1,000/mo or $10,000 annual Subject to availability $500/mo or $5,000 annual Subject to availability
5. Your Banner Ad placed on Library and Audit Resource Links Pages. $1,000/mo or $8,500 annual Subject to availability $500/mo or $5,000 annual  Subject to availability
6. Your Banner Ad placed on all Tools or Technology pages $750/mo or $7,500 annual Subject to availability $250/mo or $2,500 annual Subject to availability
7.Audit Publications Audit News and Newsletter. $1,000/mo or $10,000 annual Subject to availability $500/mo or $5,000 annual Subject to availability
7 (a) Listing on pages other than 2-7 $250/mo or $2,500 annual Subject to availability $100/mo or $1,000 annual Subject to availability
8. e-Blast to mail list, LinkedIn, Twitter $1,700 for one e-blast ($3,000 for two and $4,000 for three) $10,000 for 12 e-blasts
9 a. Webinar hosted by AuditNet with 2 CPE $3,500/Webinar
9 b. Webinar hosted by AuditNet with 1 CPE $3,000/Webinar
10. Link to your site from one of our Library pages $750 one time link fee ($250 to update an existing link.
11.Mobile Apps Banner Ad Placement (Home, Templates, News, Events and Training)
12. Event Listing - the event will be added to the Events appearing on the home page $1,000 per event per month Requires date, cost, registration link, payment link and details for the event. You can add a logo or banner to the event listing
13. Feature Article in the newsletter. $500 per article per month  Includes a link to your site
14. Article in the newsletter. $250 per article per month with a URL link.

The site features a rating system for audit templates as well as download statistics. Webinar events will be featured on the home page as well as newsletter feature articles. The Resource Links and Library will be updated upon notification of errors  with links refreshed or removed.  The publications page will link to the latest newsletter, archive of past newsletters, bookstore and monographs and guides.

(a) AuditNet® Pages Advertiser-  Includes a link to your site - Ad banner is displayed at the top of page whenever sponsored article or topic is viewed. See Time Share provisions below. Banner ad may contain a click through link to page provided by sponsor, provided page does not use HTML ‘_top’ command. Updates or changes require advance approval. Right of first refusal for renewal of position

(b) Time Share: Each Page can be shared by up to 6 advertisers by splitting the available advertising time into 6 rotating segments. Each segment can be individually sponsored and is visible for 10 or more continuous seconds depending on the total number of sponsors. Each time the advertising banner is loaded, it displays the sponsored ads in sequence. Multiple segments may be purchased by the same sponsor. Each sponsor will have the right of first refusal to increase their segment sponsorship before other advertisers are added to the same Page advertising banner. If less than 6 advertisers have booked the slot then the advertiser banner may appear more than once in a one minute rotation.

(c) Annual Contract Only: The rates shown for these pages are available only with an annual contract. The pricing has been discounted and adjusted for all placements.  Alternative payment terms and discount rates are available through negotiation. Monthly placements will be subject to availability. Annual Run of Site non rotating (1a) contract page advertisers will also be eligible to host one sponsored Webinar every four months. The topic of the Webinar must be pre-approved and conditions apply. Annual Run of Site non rotating (1a) contract page advertisers will are also eligible to send one e-blast every three months.  We will provide CPE for the Webinars as a NASBA approved sponsor. 

(d) Mobile Device Placements: AuditNet® ad placement for mobile devices including iOS (Apple iPad, iPhone), GooglePlay (Android). and Microsoft Windows tablets and mobile devices. 

(e) Annual page advertisers are eligible to send out two e-blasts (one every 6 months) to our contact list. 

(f) e-Blasts can be scheduled to send any day between the 5th of the month to the 25th of the month. Scheduling e-blasts between the 25th and the 5th will be at the discretion of management. 

Advertising Specifications:

Advertising Banner: 728 x 90 for horizontal banner,  300 x 600 for vertical banner Pixels, animation allowed. If banner is for shared slot then animation cannot exceed 10 second sequence.

Logo 102W x 45H Pixels, animation allowed (sequence limited by (a) and (b))

Format: GIF or JPEG (JPG) PC format (uncompressed)

Target Audience: AuditNet targets auditors from the global community. AuditNet constantly reaches out to auditors recognizing the convergence of technologies and the creation of a "flattening" of the global business environment encouraging collaboration and sharing without worrying about physical borders.

Deadlines: Banner ads and local pages will be posted on the appropriate web page at the next scheduled site refresh after receipt.

Advertising Agency Information” If you are an ad agency representing a client, the rates quoted for advertising on AuditNet are "net". This means that the invoice amount is the amount due to AuditNet. You will therefore need to calculate the "gross" amount that you will be billing your client. AuditNet rates are quoted as the actual amount due to AuditNet. 

Terms: Net upon invoice. Publisher reserves the right to cancel or reject any advertising at any time.. *Discounts apply only to prepaid insertions. Rates quoted are subject to change.

AuditNet® is represented exclusively by:
AuditNet® LLC
P.O. Box 452
Oakton, Virginia 22124-0452
Contact us for more information