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AuditNet® News

AuditNet® Helps Auditors Meet CPE Requirements with Free Webinars

Published September 19, 2016 13:50

Audit Net.72.Sm Cyber Security1 Understanding Cybersecurity for non-IT Auditors (1 CPE Free)
The IIA and the ACFE have kept cybersecurity in the forefront constantly for the last two years. Unfortunately many audit departments still do not know how to approach the topic. This presentation will discuss the nature of cyber risks, where to include in a risk assessment, and how to include in an audit - all from the perspective of a non-IT auditor. 

Learning Objectives:
- Discuss the nature of ... Read more


AuditNet® Adds a Leveraging Technology Webinar with Free CPE

Published September 08, 2016 05:28

Audit Net.72.Sm Binary Code Data Analytics Data Analytics and the Small Audit Department - How to Implement for BIG Gains (Free)

This event will show attendees how to leverage business data in new ways that will help them both get quickly get up to speed on the business and learn critical aspects of it. By applying these strategies attendees will add value and raise their profile within the organization.

Limited Seating

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101 ACL Applications for Auditors: Starting Your Weekly Big Data Journey

Published September 01, 2016 00:54

101 Acl Applications 1
July 2016 was a notable time for me personally, as it marked 20 years since my first ACL publication was released, “101 ACL Applications: A Toolkit for Today’s Auditor”.

The book starts with my background as an internal and external auditor, having at that point used ACL for about four years. As you may have read in Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Outliers,” in four years a person can clock close to the 10,000 hours needed to become completely proficient in the ... Read more


AuditNet® Corporate and Organizational Culture in Audit: A Survey

Published September 01, 2016 00:01

Audit Net.72.SmCorporate Culture Culture is a hot topic in auditing circles. Auditing culture should be about detecting behaviors that are already within the business. Behaviors that affect it positively need to be encouraged and vice versa. Auditors need to determine the best way to go about measuring culture in their organizations. Culture like tone at the top is a soft control and while it is possible for auditors to review this area there are difficulties based on industry, geography and other ... Read more


AuditNet® Top authority on Auditing - Agilience

Published August 12, 2016 09:26

Audit Net.72.Sm AuditNet (@auditnet) is rated Top 100 Auditing authority, covering also Money laundering and Web conferencing

Agilience matrix is to mindshare what BCG’s matrix is to marketshare. Agilience matrix distinguishes influencers according to their level of authority and audience. Influencers are mapped into four quadrants. While icons force attention and milk their popularity, Mavens and Gurus form the authority layer and deserve attention. Anchors are influencers that have the potential to become ... Read more


Watch AuditNet® TV Recorded Webinars

Published August 12, 2016 07:42

Audit Net.72.SmRecorded AuditNet has uploaded recordings of our free Webinars to registered users in order to demonstrate the power of leveraging technology. These Webinars are part of the AuditNet commitment to sharing. If you would like to attend our live Webinars (some of which have a small fee and others which are free) and earn CPE then visit for the schedule of upcoming events.

See the list of Webinars available below!

AuditNet Recorded Webinars Available to AuditNet.TV Registered Users*

*If ... Read more


AuditNet® - Subscribers Benefit!

Published January 11, 2016 14:52

Audit Net.72.Sm AuditNet adds free CPE events to subscriber benefits. AuditNet added 4 free Webinars on using Excel and audit software to the 2016 schedule. These special webinars are open to all for free viewing however in order to receive CPE you must be a current registered paid subscriber. If you are you may register and attend the events and if you qualify (by answering all of the polling questions) you will receive a CPE certificate per NASBA sponsored events.  We will verify eligibility using data analytics by ... Read more


Data Analytics Toolkit: Keyword List - Data Analytic Tools and More!

Published November 01, 2015 03:08

Audit Net.72.Sm AuditNet and AuditSoftwareVideos maintain a comprehensive inventory of recordings on data analytic tools and techniques for the next generation of auditors. Our live Webinar events feature subject matter experts who are also well-known audit practitioners. Auditors who for the live events receive data files associated with that Webinar and if they meet NASBA criteria earn CPE. We record all of our events for convenient viewing by the global audit community!

We have made ... Read more


AuditNet® for IDEA Users

Published February 22, 2015 10:15

Audit Net.72.Sm  Caseware Analytics
CaseWare Analytics Partners with AuditNet to Provide Premium Content to IDEA Users
A Global Resource for Internal Auditors Helps Provide Better Risk Assessments & Assurance

Are you an IDEA supported user? Watch this video from Audimation on the CaseWare IDEA user guide to accessing AuditNet! 

Watch the video now for details on how to access AuditNet if you are an IDEA premium supported user!


CaseWare Analytics Partners with AuditNet to Provide Premium Content to IDEA Users

A Global ... Read more


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